Hi, I am Tiana Rae Burnett

The path I chose is definitely not a conventional one. I learned a lot from my experience with higher education, but my next step was not to get into the job force. There was a lot of unpacking that needed to happen once my BA in Art History was completed. I finished my degree with confusion, but also with focus. For as long as I can remember, I've been focused on the same mission: to provide space and resources to creative minds focused on expression.

Today I feel beyond grateful for where I find myself: a photographer, curator, consultant, business owner and most importantly, someone who has learned to persevere and adapt. I understand the value and strength that comes with a supportive network, and desire to push for further education.

YllwBrd Management, the LLC I am currently working on, specializes in the facilitation of individual growth and artistic development. Our efforts provide structure to the reactivation of inactive space; increasing the accessibility of resources, visibility and opportunity for the marginalized creative community and beyond. 

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